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We take pride in being Buffalo’s premier destination for delectable Halal fast food. Explore our scrumptious selection of Burgers, Subs, Pizza, and Wings.

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Our Story

Welcome To Burp Bites

At Burp Bites, we’re not just about serving food; we’re about sharing our passion for flavors that tantalize your taste buds. It all started with three friends—Imran, Munaf, and Arif—whose love for great food brought them together to create a culinary haven like no other.

Starting from $9.99

Burp Bite’s Subs

Burp Bite’s Menu boasts an array of irresistible subs, including Philly Cheesesteak, French Onion Cheesesteak, General Tso’s Chicken, Peri-Peri Chicken, and the mouthwatering Chicken Bacon Ranch.

Only at $9.99

Burp Bite’s Gyro

Gyro’s offerings take center stage! Dive into succulent Chicken over Rice, savory Lamb over Rice, flavorful Mixed over Rice, or enjoy the dynamic duo of Chicken/Lamb over Fries. Your taste buds are in for a treat!

Starting from $8.99

Burp Bite’s Burgers

At Burp Bites, our specialty is burgers. Dive into our selection, featuring the Original Cheese Burger, Loco Cheese Burger, Nacho Cheese Burger, and the indulgent Cheesy Belly Burger.

philly steak pizza

chicken Bacon ranch

cheese pizza



What People are Saying

Based on 52 reviews
Abdullah Muhammad
Abdullah Muhammad
21 November 2023
Delicious food with quality service. Definitely go there again .
Emerald B
Emerald B
18 November 2023
Philly and Peri Peri chicken subs were delicious
8 November 2023
We had ordered a philly cheesesteak pizza and it was ready in 15 mins! While handing us the order, they made sure it was made to our liking, and had amazing customer service! Very kind and polite workers, with amazing food! The pizza was cooked so perfect and the crust was one of the best I’ve had. Not to mention- the menu is very pleasing, with great design. The owners even included their story and names on the back! Very personalized business! 10/10. Would definitely recommend to others and they will be having business from us in the future!
Robert Cintron
Robert Cintron
5 November 2023
I like the fact that they really try to make sure you fulfilled with how the food looks and taste!! I’m coming back
Lawrence Bartkowiak
Lawrence Bartkowiak
4 November 2023
Don’t know too much about the business but like to support my local businesses … Came home Saturday at 6:30 wanted to try them and order something :.., Looked online for number , looked at website tried to find menu no luck on their website .. Anyways ready to call , see they are close on Saturdays ! Never heard of Take out closed on Saturday , should close Sunday or Monday not Saturday! 😞😞😞
Raiyan Ahmed
Raiyan Ahmed
30 October 2023
The food was rlly good, the naga pizza was rlly tasty and the subs were rlly good.
afsana aninta
afsana aninta
29 October 2023
Best Pizza i have ever had in buffalo. Really delicious.
Moynul Hussain
Moynul Hussain
27 October 2023
I'm a big fan of Burp bites, I tried literally everything they has to offer, I must say the Menu is very Creative, my favorite was the General TSO sandwich, then I tried the Philly cheesesteak that became my favorite 😋, then I tried the peri peri chicken sub, gosh so taste, my wife had their mango Habanero wings and she is in love with those, this is a must try place, I can't wait to go back. 😋 😊

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